Monday, January 05, 2009

A Brief Post-Christmas, Post-New Year's Catch Up

So once again I wonder: should I even bother posting at all? I ask this only because I've been away from it for a month and a half and there are only, likely, less than a dozen people who would even have noticed!

Though my lack of posting this time was not my fault. My computer had to have a hard-drive replaced. This necessitated a three week absence. Fortunately, I did not suffer from the sort of withdrawal I was warned might occur. I gather that some folks, when having to do without their computers, esperience severe symptoms such as sweating, seizures, and incoherent muttering. Shock eventually sets in. Meanwhile, with the exception of having to hand write my sermon notes and use the phone rather than e-mail on a few occasions, I barely noticed. I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

In the interim, Christmas has come and gone. Though our tree and decorations are still up. It was a good, if busy holiday, this year. It was especially fun watching Ella, now four, opening her presents. That was really the best part, as much as I, I dare to admit, also love getting gifts!

Time has flown by in another way too. My wife is well into her third trimester with our twin boys. We have a lot to do before they arrive! Our house is modest, perhaps even small, and so there's a fair bit of organization and preparation involved in making sure we have a place for them and for us. It will mean juggling our three bedrooms and their present functions!
Having two more kids in the house -- twin boys -- is a reality I can't even begin to imagine. It still seems unreal, abstract, like something I know is going to happen (and relatively soon, in this case) but still have no context for understanding. Of course, we already have one child so we're not completely unfamiliar with the process. But I'm guessing that having these additions to the family will have the effect of re-orienting us so completely that we will be adjusting for quite some time.

All that said, with church responsibilities, the upcoming birth of twins, not to mention all of the other things life tends to throw our way, I wonder sometimes how much a priority I should make this blog. When I do the actual math (time [potentially] expended [if I want to make it worthwhile for readers] + readers [both the number and level of interest they have in this blog] + pleasure gained from amateur, inconsistent writing efforts on my part), the answer isn't always encouraging! Let's just say, I'm thinking about it.

For now, though, I'll try to keep it up and see if I have anything worth saying.

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